Limited Government Conservative

Ronald Reagan once said “Two things can never be compromised – our freedom and our future.”

My fundamental belief is that we can create the most freedom, most prosperity, and most opportunity for our nation by limiting the power and scope of the federal government. As your Representative, I work every day to ensure I am living up to that standard.

During the 1111th Congress, I was proud to be ranked the 7th most conservative member of the House of Representatives by The National Journal. This ranking was a reflection of my commitment to limited government policies and the principles envisioned by our Founding Fathers and embodied in the Constitution.

Applying these principles to the federal government means I am constantly fighting for:

  • Less Spending – because we cannot bankrupt our future generations;
  • Less Taxes – because Washington doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem; and
  • Less Regulations – because our businesses cannot be competitive and help our economy grow when they are being held down by mountains of bureaucratic red tape.

Passing a Balanced Budget Amendment

Only in Washington is having a balanced budget a novel concept. Our families do it. Small businesses do it. And the State of Texas does it.

It is way past time for Congress to pass an Amendment requiring the federal government to have a balanced budget just like the rest of us do in our daily lives. I will continue to vote in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment and hope that we will one day have a Senate and a President who agree – it is time for a Balanced Budget Amendment for the federal government.

Job Growth for America

With millions of Americans either underemployed or out of work, a principal focus of our government needs to be helping to get the economy moving again.

That means creating the environment under which businesses can feel confident to reinvest, expand, and hire new workers. Only private sector job growth can help stabilize our nation’s economy and create new opportunities for our families.

No government “stimulus spending” or phony “jobs bill” will establish the foundation we need for true growth. Rather, we need to empower small businesses and give them greater certainty about the future by:

  • Eliminating overreaching government regulations and mandates – LIKE OBAMACARE;
  • Lowering individual tax rates so our families can keep more of what they earn and be able to manage the planning for their own futures rather than relying on the government;
  • Lowering corporate tax rates and leaving them in place so our businesses can be more competitive in a global economy and make plans for reinvestment; and
  • Vastly expanding American energy development.

We have passed dozens of bills to help in these three key areas – as yet, the Senate has refused to act in a responsible manner to help our businesses and our families overcome the economic challenges we are facing.

Leading an American Energy Revolution

If we don’t control the vast majority of our own energy supply, we don’t control our own future. Whether it is economic security or national security, creating reliable and dedicated sources of AMERICAN energy is truly a critical national priority.

Contrary to what many on the extreme left may say, America does indeed have vast sources of energy right here, under our own soil, that can help deliver affordable, clean, and stable energy for our families, businesses, and future generations – we just need the will and leadership to get this done.

From natural gas, and cleaner coal technologies to vastly expanded nuclear power, oil sands, and increased production both onshore and off – we can harvest our God given resources and forge a secure energy future. These natural resources will give us the bridge we need and time necessary to develop even newer technologies that will help produce cleaner energy at the scale we need to meet our growing populations.

I remain committed to working every moment to encourage the day when America is truly leading an energy revolution!

Staying on Offense Against Terrorism

Preserving America’s freedom and way of life is not just a campaign talking point. I took the Oath of Office to “Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution” and those words instilled a deep sense of responsibility in me.

As a former Navy pilot and action officer to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I know first hand that we still live in a dangerous world where countries and state-sponsored terrorist organizations are focused on destroying America and harming innocent civilians. This is a war we did not ask for, did not provoke, but one we must win.

The brave men and women who serve on the front lines in our Armed Forces, intelligence services, and their families are true American heroes. I am committed to making sure they have the resources they need, the manpower necessary to win, and a Congressman who will support their mission to kill or capture terrorists wherever they may be hiding, training, or plotting attacks.

Stopping Illegal Immigration

If you don’t know who is coming into your country, how can you know they don’t intend to do you harm?

I believe in strengthening our borders with fences, increased surveillance, increased man power, detention facilities, and an increased commitment to FULLY enforce our laws – no excuses, no delays, and no second chances for those who break our laws. Amnesty is not an option.

We must also step up enforcement in the vast interior portion of our country. Houston has already seen the violence that can be brought to our streets by human smugglers, drug traffickers, and illegal immigrant gangs. We shouldn’t have gun battles in our neighborhoods between these gangs and police officers being shot by criminal illegal immigrants.

And I will continue to support the valiant work of our border patrol and border sheriffs. It is a travesty that the good men and women who are manning the front lines on our border should ever have to fear prosecution for protecting our sovereign soil. That is why we must have a Department of Homeland Security that will clarify the “rules of engagement” so those who protect our border are empowered and emboldened to do this good work.


Growing up in the Clear Lake Area, I dreamed of flying, becoming an astronaut, marveled at the history-making accomplishments of the human-space program and admired the brilliant, dedicated minds who propelled NASA forward. It is a vast understatement to say that the missions, innovations, and discoveries of NASA have made our lives easier, led to countless commercial inventions, and inspired generations of young men and women.

After 30 years of service, the retirement of the Space Shuttle, a lack of vision from our government, and a weakened commitment from the current Administration have created serious challenges for NASA and human-space exploration. The results are deeply troubling: mass layoffs of many of our brightest minds, the U.S. facing the prospect of no-longer being the world leader in space exploration, and the lack of a truly inspiring program that encourages our youth to pursue degrees in science, math, and advanced engineering. NASA and our nation deserve better than this.

I believe that we should empower NASA and our human-space programs with a defined mission: returning to the moon and establishing a base of operations. This would enable NASA to plan and execute future missions into deep space.

Since my first term in Congress, I have fought constantly for clarity, support, and full funding for a mission-specific agenda. It is time we give NASA’s human-space program another lofty goal to achieve and ensure they have the budget necessary to be successful.

Respecting the Sanctity of Life and Marriage

I am pro-life and pro-traditional marriage.

I believe that life begins at conception and every life has a soul. Abortion as a means of birth control horrifies every fiber of my being. Our country should work to protect innocent life and I will vote that way in Congress. In the case of a mother’s life being in danger I would understand abortion being necessary.

I am also devoutly pro-traditional marriage. As Senator John Cornyn’s Chief of Staff, I helped him lead the fight to pass a Federal Marriage Amendment that would define marriage as being between one man and one woman. In Congress, I would again work to make sure this legislation is passed and traditional marriage is upheld as the law of our country.

Protecting the Second Amendment

The right to bear arms is a vital element of our Constitution. As a gun owner and a member of the National Rifle Association, I always vote to protect our Second Amendment rights.