Early Voting Ends Friday

Serving our country abroad as a Naval Aviator, I learned how right President Ronald Reagan was when he said “Two things can never be compromised – our freedom and our future.”

That is why I first ran for Congress and why I am asking for your vote this week.  To defend our freedom and give our children a better future. Unfortunately, Barack Obama and his liberal, big-government policies are bankrupting future generations and abdicating America’s freedom and power to tyrants around the world.

I'm proud of my record as a staunch conservative. I've voted to repeal Obamacare, cut wasteful spending and stop an out of control administration's regulatory regime. I continue to fight to grow our economy and tap into the energy resources God has given our great nation!

I believe there is a better way forward for our nation.  Working together, we can bring common-sense conservative solutions to bear on our nation’s challenges; strengthening our economy so our families have more opportunities, protecting our nation from threats abroad and on our borders, and reducing the power and size of government so we are empowered to create a brighter future.

I would be honored to have you stand with me for a stronger America.  Please remember that early voting ends this Friday.  Make sure to avoid the lines on Election Day and get and and vote!

Very Respectfully,
Pete Olson